Our Story

Introducing Zebra International, your partner for international food & beverage import and distribution in New Zealand. We evolve alongside you, delivering global value to consumers throughout the country.


How it started

Established in 2003, Zebra's journey began with a simple yet passionate mission: to serve the South African expatriate community. Zebra International started importing quality food and drink products from South Africa, so the South African community in New Zealand could enjoy a taste of home and share their love of these products with Kiwis.

Zebra International’s owners quickly realised there was a massive demand for exotic treats. With product options often limited or hard to find in little ol’ New Zealand, we expanded our vision to include classic and fresh-to-market products from other countries.

From the heart of the UK to the USA, Zebra’s exploration unearthed unique brands from around the globe. Beyond being importers, the company has evolved into New Zealand's gateway to the world of exquisite tastes.



In our relentless pursuit of excellence, Zebra International aspires to be more than just an importer; we aim to be New Zealand's best provider of diverse international food and beverages. With a steadfast mission to consistently offer unparalleled quality and authenticity, the Zebra team meticulously curates an irresistible selection that transcends borders.

From the vibrant flavours of South Africa to the classic tastes of the United Kingdom and the sweet and savoury sensations from the United States, Zebra International seeks out and introduces the finest international products to New Zealand.



Zebra International works hard to curate a selection of the world’s finest products, seamlessly integrating global innovations and trends into New Zealand’s food and beverage industry.

Our vision is to create a rich mosaic of international flavours accessible to every New Zealander. In doing this, we want to enrich and satisfy the palates of New Zealanders and contribute to a diverse and celebrated culinary landscape in our home country.


Trusted industry leaders

At Zebra we take pride in our in-depth understanding of and adherence to the demanding FSANZ food safety standards.

Zebra International's product labelling and reworking proficiency guarantee smooth operations and a commitment to the highest industry requirements.

With a business history spanning 20 years, we have established ourselves as one of the industry's most dependable leaders. The company's long-standing relationships with quality global brands demonstrates our dedication to excellence.


Building lasting bonds

The Zebra International team values the bonds of trust and loyalty that have been cultivated with our loyal clients over the course of almost two decades. Being the preferred supplier of international products to all major supermarkets throughout the country, Zebra boasts extensive reach and an unparalleled understanding of FMCG dynamics.

Our customised facilities and systems respond to your unique needs, ensuring a flawless experience whether you are a small business or national enterprise.

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