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Join forces with Zebra International to access a vast global network of fine international foods that have been carefully selected by our expert buyers. Whether you are a retailer or a brand owner, partnering with us can help your business grow.

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At Zebra International, we are on the pulse of market trends to ensure we provide consumers with the best possible range of products. To catch the attention of your consumers, we are continuously looking for fresh and tasty foods.

Our products are available in reputable supermarkets, dairy shops, eateries, and coffee shops throughout New Zealand. We are the sole New Zealand agents for brands with world-class quality, including Calypso, La Croix, MrBeast Feastables and Freshpak.


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Unlock a world of opportunities with Zebra International. With a strong track record of delivering service excellence, we guarantee a seamless partnership that prioritises your needs. From on-time deliveries to reliable product availability, we're dedicated to making sure your customers receive only the best international products.

We offer tailored solutions for stockists - whether you own a small business or large retail chain. Join us as a retail partner and together, we will elevate your business to new heights.

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We are New Zealand's leading importer and distributor of an array of exceptional food and beverage products sourced from countries including South Africa, the USA, and the UK. If you're looking to expand your brand into the New Zealand market and captivate a community that eagerly embraces new products, Zebra International your strategic ally for success.

Discover a rewarding partnership with Zebra International thanks to our nationwide presence, efficient distribution channels, and top-quality foodstuffs. Your brand’s success is our success as a respected provider.

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Our value prop’s stockists

Our carefully curated selection ensures that stockists gain access to high-quality and unique products that stand out in the market. Elevate your product offerings and captivate customers with an array of international flavours that will keep them coming back for more.

African Tree

African Tree Charcoal is the ultimate choice for grilling perfection. Made from 100% Namibian hardwood, it is ideal for a braai. Charcoal delivers a superior, long-lasting burn and imparts a smoky, natural flavour to your BBQ.


With over 170 years of tradition, Bakers continues to bring delicious, classic biscuits to shared tea times. There is a Bakers biscuit for every occasion, making them South Africa's beloved first choice for generations.

Barr Irn-Bru

Irn-Bru is an iconic Scottish soft drink known for its bold and unique flavour. With a secret recipe dating back to 1901, it continues to be enjoyed by millions worldwide.


Calypso is a vibrant and energising beverage company that embodies the spirit of the Caribbean. The brand offers a fantastic selection of exotic-tasting, refreshing beverages, from lemonades to limeades.


Faygo has been crafting exciting soft drinks since 1907. From classics like cola and cream soda to unique flavours like Moon Mist and Rock & Rye, Faygo offers an exciting thirst-quenching experience with every sip.


Leading the way with the MrBeast Feastables chocolate bars, MrBeast is revolutionising the snacking world by introducing delicious and healthier chocolates crafted using only a small number of core ingredients. Talk to us today about stocking MrBeast in your business.


Freshpak Rooibos Tea, with its natural antioxidant properties and caffeine-free composition, offers a delightful and refreshing natural taste that is uniquely South African. It delivers goodness in every cup.

Huy Fong Sriracha

Huy Fong Sauce boasts a mouthwatering range of hot sauces, including their iconic Sriracha sauce. The bold, fiery kick of the brand’s sauces is sure to captivate foodies and spice-lovers across New Zealand.

La Croix Sparkling Water

La Croix is the sparkling water sensation featuring a range of lively flavours. It is popular among those desiring a healthier and flavourful substitute for sugary beverages. LaCroix is the guilt-free refreshment option!

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Energy

Let's Get Reay to Rumble Energy is the heavyweight champion of energy drinks and is proudly endorsed by Michael Buffer, the legendary boxing announcer. Produced to give those unparalleled energy and endurance.


PROBAR's core mission is to offer delicious plant-based, on-the-go snacking options using natural ingredients specially crafted to fuel your everyday adventures.


Springbok Maize Meal is the cornerstone of traditional South African cuisine, known as mielies or mealies in South Africa. This much-loved maize meal, coarser than typical cornflour, is a staple in the region's kitchens.

Sweet Baby Ray's

Sweet Baby Ray's showcases a range of savoury and mouthwatering barbecue sauces, marinades, and condiments that are a must-have for BBQ enthusiasts. There is a spot for this range of sauces at every mealtime.


Swizzels is a well-known confectionery company established in 1928, with a rich history of producing iconic sweets and candies loved by generations, from Squashies and Drumsticks to Refreshers and Love Hearts.

The Good Crisp

The Good Crisp has spent two years perfecting their chips, providing snackers with tasty, allergen-free and kid-friendly crisps that offer an alternative to junk-filled, artificial snacks on the market.

Van Holten’s Pickles

With a legacy dating back to 1898, Van Holten's delivers a wide range of bold and extreme flavoured pickle-in-a-pouch. From the Big Papa Pickle to the spicy Hot Mama, there’s something for all pickle lovers.

Warheads Soda

Warheads Soda offers a sour candy-inspired refreshment that's an explosive burst of tangy and sweet flavours. Their sodas thrill the taste buds with a sour rush like no other! There are five tantilising flavours to try!

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