La Croix Sparkling Water LimonCello 3x(8x355ml)

La Croix Sparkling Water drinks are 100% natural and INNOCENT. They contain 0% calories and 0% sweeteners.

The leading sparkling water brand in the USA, La Croix is making waves in New Zealand too, captivating health-conscious consumers wanting a refreshing yet healthy drink. Each can is infused with the essence oils extracted from the fruit named on the can. The Limoncello flavour packs a refreshing lemon punch complemented by a sweet, almost vanilla-like undertone. It evokes the sunny taste of the Amalfi Coast.

By stocking La Croix Sparkling Water, wholesalers can offer a premium beverage option that resonates with health-conscious consumers. All flavours of La Croix are gluten-free, non-GMO, Whole30 approved, vegan and kosher.