PROBAR Protein Bar Sea Salt Caramel 12 x 70g

PROBAR’s Sea Salt Caramel protein bar is perfect for anyone leading an active lifestyle, supporting muscle recovery and sustained energy levels. A plant-based protein source, with a market-leading 20g of protein per serving,  these bars are a nutrient-dense wholefood option. This bar features a delightful blend of sea salt caramel and chocolate.

Key features:

  • 20g of plant protein per bar
  • Only 270 calories per bar

With our convenient 12-pack, stock your shelves with a product that appeals to a broad range of customers. Ideal for gyms, health food stores, sports retailers and convenience stores, PROBAR is designed to meet the demands of active individuals. Offer your customers the best in taste and nutrition with our high-quality, plant-based protein bars.